Schibsted is best known in Sweden as the owner of . It's the largest media house in the country, as well as business newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, leading marketplace and many others. We all work in the same building, right in the heart of the city above Stockholm Central station.

Stockholm itself is a city of energies and passions; energy from the start-up ecosystem that Schibsted helps to sustain and passions from the people of the city and the sea that surrounds the islands that make up the city. We love being part of it!

All these brands are powered in part by the work of the two User Foundations teams, whose product management folks are based here: Schibsted account for their user identity and log-in solution and Payment Gateway to make payments low friction for everyone involved.


User Foundations members


User Foundations teams



Schibsted offices• Stockholm

Schibsted in Stockholm is full of fun people, with ideas and drive. If you're here already, come join us to transform the world of media and online marketplaces in the Nordics. If you're not in Stockholm, get on the boat, train, plane, whatever it takes to get here....and then join us!

Teams and projects

Schibsted account: a team of passionate product people with a mission to be a trusted digital butler to our users, all 15 million of them across four Nordic countries (and counting!)

Payment Gateway: on track to handle almost 2 billion Swedish Krone's worth of transactions in 2021, helping all our users and brands to connect around payments and related data.

Culture and Values

Working at Schibsted means having your feet on the street and your eyes and ears open. As curious entrepreneurs and innovators, we thrive on a deep understanding of local behaviours and the future needs of our customers.

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