Schibsted opened an office in Krakow in 2012, with two Schibsteders working in a single room near the central station. Today, Schibsted Krakow is home to a diverse group of more than 100 Schibsteders, with our engineers working on some of Schibsted’s most important missions used by millions of our Nordic users every day.

The city of Krakow is a vibrant mix of history, culture and architecture. With it’s rapidly growing tech market and affordable cost of living, it is one of the most exciting cities where global technologies are being developed.


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Schibsted Krakow is the heart of our Engineering Operations and has a vital part in our mission on enabling known brands in the Nordics.

Teams and projects

News Media CMS, Ads booking, content curation, streaming services, subscription services — All the modern tools that help News media stay competitive.

Financial services, Schibsted is heavily invested in Fintech which has a main focus on offering loans through mobile and web applications to our millions of users.

Schibsted Next, We develop applications for ventures that Schibsted aquires. Those include Booking services, Financial tooling. Learning platoformms, Marketplaces, Dating apps and delivery services.

Culture and Values

Working at Schibsted means having your feet on the street and your eyes and ears open. As curious entrepreneurs and innovators, we thrive on a deep understanding of local behaviours and the future needs of our customers.

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